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Daily mindset habits and success practices I strongly recommend for you, so you can stay focused, high vibe and maintain your mental resiliency in order to run a successful business. 


How to use your story to create compelling social media posts and develop a deep and authentic connection that inspires your peeps to take action


Learn different ways you can turn your prospects into paying clients plus a nurture email sequence to sell your services


Your soul has a special mission. This lesson will help you gain more clarity on what that means and looks like for you


8 powerful ways you can create lead magnets with examples to help you implement with ease


How to create an effective webinar in less than 2 hours and use it over and over again to sell your programs


Proven step-by-step structure that give you confidence to sell your products/services without pushy and sleazy sales tactics


Get pass the “I can’t afford it” or It’s not the right time” to hear a “Yes, sign me up”


In these 5-part workshop series I’m sharing:

  • 10 step-by-step client attraction strategies that I implemented even with a small list to get 3-5 high-end clients each month (plus guidelines on how to implement them)
  • How to repurpose your content to create evergreen LEAD magnets and implement systems to get consistent clients on autopilot.
  • Tips on crafting compelling posts that stand out in the busy online world to captivate your dream clients so they want more of your services
  • How to reverse engineer your steps to plan out your best FB challenges and online workshops to deliver exactly what your dream clients want in your free content so they are eager to invest in your PAID PRODUCTS
  • 7 steps to creating a client relationship funnels so you can invite them to work with you without sleazy sales tactics!
  • EFT tapping an energy modality to clear mental, emotional and energetic blocks so you can get in alignment to attract your high-end soul clients (and up-level your inner game) 
  • You’ll receive an email with a link to access all the videos and PDF upon purchase.


In this training you’ll learn:

  • Content formulas to write copy for sales pages, email campaigns, sales funnels, social media posts, video scripts and more
  • How to captivate your prospects and build a deep connection so they’re inspired to work with you
  • How to address objections in your copy to impact the buying decisions and boost conversion
  • How to make your content grab attention and stand out in the busy online marketing space
  • How to bring life and personal touch in your message for even deeper connection
  • How to implement these formulas with real examples from my own copy

You’ll receive an email with a link to access the program upon purchase.


In this video series, I walk you through a technique called EFT Tapping that works with Psychology of the mind while moving the energy from the meridian points.

In this training you’ll:

  • Clear out Self-doubt and unworthiness so you can step into the highest version of yourself who is capable of creating more wealth
  • Tap out the Fear of charging high-end prices to confidently double or triple your prices and feel really good about it
  • Tap out overwhelm and stress from your emotional, mental and energetic space to make room for creativity and flow
  • Release the fear and ickiness of sales to confidently lead your calls and sell out your programs

You’ll receive an email with a link to access the program upon purchase.


Video Series to Creating Your First (or next!) Funnel

This training will help you sell programs, products and coaching packages on automation. In this course you get:

Video #1 – Successful Sales Funnel

A 4-step proven sales model that works to attract free leads along with low, medium and high-end clients

Video # 2 – Map Out Your Sales Funnel

Set up the foundation work to map out your funnel that converts and mistakes to avoid. Plus tools you need to implement your funnel with ease.

Video # 3 – Design your best lead magnet to attract ideal clients

How to create hot lead magnets to capture quality leads, book calls and sell your products. Tips on how to write catchy titles that STAND OUT in the busy online marketing space

Video # 4 – Turn your prospects into paying clients

How to optimize a thank you page.  An outline of an email sequence that nurtures & converts and how to transition from value emails into pitch emails.

This is a pre-recorded program.  You’ll receive an email with a link to access all the content, videos and PDF upon purchase.


8 modules to master the art of non-pushy sales to sell anything with integrity and ease.

What’s included in this program:

Module #1 Sales Mindset Makeover

Release any resistance, old patterns and limits to increase your sales profits

Module #2 – Sacred Sales Funnel

A proven sales structure you can implement right away to attract low, medium and high end clients

Module#3 – Selling with Soulful Stories

Identify your Sacred-Sauce from your life’s experiences, stories, skills and natural gifts

Module #4 Your Soul Aligned Niche

Discover industry’s hot niche markets and how your sacred-sauce fits into a lucrative niche

Module #5 Authentic Client Attraction

Proven methods to stand out like an expert to attract the right clients and opportunities

Module #6 Sacred Sales Anatomy

Step-by-step structure to lead your sales calls with super confidence to sell your products and services without sleazy sales tactics

Module #7 Handling Objections with Integrity

How to turn top 5 common objections into the exact reasons your clients need to work with you

Module #8 Simplified Sales Systems

Tools & systems for automation so you can save time, money and energy PLUS a sample email sequence to sell products on automation.

BONUS # 1 Activate Money Portal

This is an EFT meditation with theta music.  A powerful and profound way to shift your unconscious relationship with money and activate the portal to receive more wealth.

BONUS # 2 Worthiness Meditation

This is an EFT meditation with theta music.  A powerful meditation to release resistance and feel worthy to receive more abundance.
All the modules are recorded video sessions. You’ll receive an email with a link to access all the content, videos and PDFs upon purchase.